Ways You Can Help

Take Action Where You Are

These actions only take between 1-5 minutes to do and they are vitally important. After you've taken action, please share with your networks and encourage others to do the same.

Amplify Palestinian Voices on Social Media

Follow and amplify these accounts to stay updated on what's happening in Palestine and spread the word to your networks. Palestinians face severe censorship for advocating for their own freedom so it's critical that we amplify their voices across social media.

Mohammed El-Kurd - Instagram | TwitterMuna El-Kurd - InstagramOmar Ghraieb - TwitterNoura Erakat - Instagram | TwitterDr. Yara Hawari - TwitterJehad Abusalim - TwitterFayrouz Sharqawi - TwitterInes Abdel Razek - TwitterOmar Baddar - Instagram | Twitter
IMEU - Instagram | TwitterAdalah Justice Project - Instagram | TwitterRabet by PIPD - Instagram | TwitterMakan - Instagram | TwitterPalestinian Youth Movement - Instagram | TwitterWithin Our Lifetime - Instagram | TwitterAmerican Muslims for Palestine - Instagram | TwitterUS Campaign for Palestinian Rights - Instagram | TwitterWe Are Not Numbers - Instagram | TwitterYouth of Sumud - Instagram
+972 Magazine - Instagram | TwitterMiddle East Eye - Instagram | TwitterAJ+ - Instagram | Twitter

Educate yourself

This is by no means an exhaustive list of everything you could ever learn about Palestine, Israel, Zionism, colonialism, or antisemitism. These resources have been curated to give newcomers to the issue a foundational grounding in understanding what is happening right now in Palestine and some historical context to explain how we got here. I also haven't included any books or films here, as there are too many to recommend. If you are looking for books recommendations, see here. If you are looking for film recommendations, see here.

Educational Infographics
6 Things to Know about Israel's Violence in Jerusalem by IMEUIsrael Bombs Gaza by IMEUWhat is Happening in Sheikh Jarrah by IMEUPrivate U.S. Money Funds Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine by IMEUAnti-Zionism is not Anti-Semitism by Mira SternUndoing our racism also means undoing our Zionism by Mira Stern
Video Explainers
Sheikh Jarrah: 5 Facts to Know by Subhi TahaMap of Occupied Palestine Explained by Subhi Taha
Podcast Recommendations

Palestine | Throughline by NPRWhat's Happening in Palestine Right Now | This Is Palestine by IMEURep. Rashida Tlaib on Palestine in U.S. Politics and Diana Buttu on the Myth of Coexistence in Israel | This Is Palestine by IMEU
More Educational Resources
DecolonizePalestine.comA Guide to the Current Crisis in Israel/Palestine by Jewish CurrentsWhat is BDS?Together We Rise: Educational Curriculum by USCPR